The Flunconference was a symposium in response to Flunstellas and the Future of Education exhibited as part of the Knowledge is Everywhere exhibition. Specialists from across arts, technology and mental health were invited to gallery two at FACT Liverpool to present their responses to ideas raised by Flunstellas. They were asked to imagine how being able to see thoughts as things with a life of their own might effect their practice as part of a ten minute show and tell presentation.

flunconference sq

Speakers included artists, dancers, psychologists, computer scientists and vocalists.

Dr Richard Brown discussed how Flunstellas, like all art could help us to understand how each other think and feel.

Ishtar talked about how ideas relating to psychology & parapsychology inform her dance practice. She conducts a live experiment performing an improvised dance in response to the movement of the ideas and emotions of the audience. Towards the end of her performance Ishtar was joined by improvisational vocalist Steve Boyland for a short lived but exciting collaboration.