Twee Prototype is a piece of software art that makes space for the viewer to poke, manipulate and sift through a twitching, almost living collection of photos, text, drawings and sound. The piece documents a day long experiment, in which I drew my thoughts on scraps of paper as I became aware of them, and placed them wherever I felt they first appeared in the space. This left scraps of hand written/drawn thoughts, populated by fragments of imagined conversations in imagined places with different people from my life, about family tragedies, sex, relationships, things I need to remember to do today and friendship. This led to strange conversations on the number ten bus as lads in tracksuits asked why I was putting these drawings all over the window. The project was distributed as a cd-rom in independent bookshops and record stories in Liverpool city centre.

Download executable windows application here.

Screengrab video, showing user triggering the growth of one photo, and the collective behaviour of the other photos in response.
Screencapture of interactive map documenting the distribution of cd-roms in independent bookshops & record stories.

Screencapture of interactive map documenting posters promoting the cd-rom.
Screengrab video, showing user selecting drawings of thoughts and expanding them.
Screengrab video, showing user looking through a photo and the objects in it.
Screengrab video, showing user examining a thought I had on the number ten bus.